Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Forever 21 Haul!! :) (plus OTTD)

Hello my lovely readers!!
I am really sorry for not posting for more than a week but I am on my exam period so I don't really have a lot of free time.. :/
So today I will share some stuff that I bought from Forever 21 and I received last week!! So let's start :)

Retro Sandals

Omg those shoes!! I love them so much!! Best shoes ever!! They cost 21.90 and they are the best!! I have worn them twice and they are the best thing ever!! Totally awesome, definitely a must have!! I don't really have something more to say about these :p


Kimonos are huge this summer and I wanted to buy one for quite a while! When I saw this one, I added it to my shopping bag because it was the first product I was surely going to buy! It's not your typical long kimono but the pattern is amazing and it's price was 11.75 so why not? Great purchase I can't wait to wear it!!

Dress No1

I really like this dress!! It's so cool and bright coloured!! The back part is so cool definitely awesome!! I could wear this day and night!! I hope that you guys like it too :) It costed 13.75 and it's such a bargain for a nice chiffon dress!! The Y-shaped back is definitely a plus!! That's all I can say!! I love it :) Oh and I tried to show you the exact bright pink colour of the dress on the right-bottom part of the picture !!

Dress No2

I currently am in love with floral at the moment so everything else that you will see in this post is going to be floral only!! So the second dress I got is really simple yet so nice, cute and girly!! It's mostly casual but man how I love this!! It's amazing I have tried it on once and and it looks fantastic!! I definitely recommend this!! It costed 12.75€ which is a steal!! Daisies for ever!!

Dress No3

Keeping it up floral I also got the next dress which I was not really sure when I bought it since my mother and my best-friend didn't like that much but I thought that I shall give it a try no matter what!! Thank god I did that!! I absoltely love it!! It has an open back as you can see and it's really nice!! The pattern is amazing, the cut is perfect and relaxed!! It costed 13.45€ and it's amazing!! Amazing purchase I am really pleased ;)

Dress No4

My last purchase is this lovely dress!! It was also available in blue but I love black at the moment so I bought it in black!! It's really simple but the V-neck cut on both the front and back part of the dress plus the cut out straps are two simple details that add a littler something to it! Once again great floral pattern at an amazing price,14.95

Oh and here is an OTTD selfie in which I am wearing the dress pictured above with the sandals that I also showed you in this post!! :)

So that was all I bought from Forever 21!! Feel free to tell me what you thought of my haul and ask any question that you may have! :) 
See you soon,
Maria xox


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  2. wow thanks for the follow my dear.

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  3. Thank you for sharing. I love your posts and the beautiful photos! <3 <3 <3. And followed your blog. Welcome to visit my one: http://lisawola.blogspot.com/

  4. I can absolutely share your enthusiasm over that coral chiffon dress- it's super pretty! :)
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    1. Yes it's so beautiful!! I love it :D

  5. Nice outfit, your dress is very cute :)


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  7. Nice! The black shoes seem awesome! <3


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  11. great haul :) the dresses look so cute and perfect for summer

    1. Thank you very much!! I love them all!! :)

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  13. I know its a tad bit late, but I love your haul! :D so cute and so many florals *-*

    The kimono is adorable. :3