Thursday, 27 March 2014

E.L.F Haul ! :)

Hello my lovely readers!! Today I would like to share my E.L.F haul that I received yesterday. There was a crazy thing going over at the very start of the month!! They had a 50% off discount + free shipping + a free mega palette worth £35. So today I will show you mainly my products but I will also include 3 lipsticks that my mother bought for herself but I am going to steal them from her asap ;)

Firstly, we will start with the product which did I say I got for free?:P I am sure I did.. Check out the palette...

The palette seems nice..I haven't tried anything yet and I can't swatch everything because I am going to need a dozen of hands :P...  So I guess I will talk to you about her sometime in the future..!

Now let's move on to what I bought!!I got the new baked eyeshadow palette in California and it costs £10.

This palette is smaller than it looks like (at least smaller than I expected). The shades are nice and really shiny.. For £10 it's super amazing!!

Then I got another eyeshadow..This one is the baked eyeshadow in Burnt Plum and it costs £3.95.

I really like this product!! I have also tried swatching it with a dry and a wet eyeshadow brush and you see that the results are different but they are both amazing!! The colour is generally buildable, so this eyeshadow is a great purchase for me and I highly recommend it.

Lastly, I got a lipstick from the essential range. The lipstick is called Fearless and it costs £1.95.

I really like this lipstick! The result is amazing! Great price amazing result!! All I have to say !

Now I will show you the moisturising lipsticks my mother bought!! They cost £3.95 and let's check them out :D

Velvet Rope

Coral Cutie


They are really cute..Sadly one out the four lipsticks we got is broken (the red carpet lucky ha?... NOT)  but I have already contacted E.l.f and I wish we get the refund soon.. The application of these lipstick is from another world!! I really love them and I hope you understand why I want them so badly!!

That's all from me.. Thanks for reading my blog and I will get back to you soon!! :D
Maria xox

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Bohemian Hair tutorial!

Hello guys!! Today I would like to share one of my favourite hairlooks ever! This look is really boho and I love it!! The thing I love the most though is how simple it is to achieve despite the fact that it looks complicating!

Step 1

All you have to do is part your hair so that you can later do your magic..I parted them on the left of my head but you can part it on your right or your center..It depends to you.
Step 2

Take a small part of hair from the top of your parted hair and seperate this in to two. Let's call the top part (a) and the bottom part (b).

Step 3

Take part (b) and put it above part (a) . So now part (a) is facing the floor and part (b) is facing the sky.

Step 4 

Now add some hair to part (a) and now pull it above part (b) so that now part (b) is now facing the floor and part (a) is facig the sky.

Step 5

Now add some more hair in part (b) and again bring it above part (a).

Step 6

Keep adding hair to the part of your hair that is facing the floor and bringing it above the one that is facing the sky. Do that again and again until you have something like this.

Secure the edge with a bobby pin and secure it somewhere so that your hair don't flip around and get messed up. I used my mouth :P

Step 6

Do the same thing on the other part of your head.. (seperating, placing above,adding and securing with a bobby pin) until you have this result:

Step 7

Now take the left part of hair and secure it on the right part of your head as pictured above.

Step 8

Now take your right part of hair and secure it on the left part of your head. 

Step 9

Secure your hair with a lot of bobby pins..This way your hair will stay in place and you won't have to worry about them..

Step 10

Admire your finished look!!

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial...Let me know if you tried it..
Maria xox

Saturday, 22 March 2014


Hello guys!! Sorry for being away for almost a week!! Today I would like to share my outfit that I wore today while I was out at a cafe. I hope that you like it!

As you can see I wore a midi dress with a light blue jean jacket and black creepers! Here is a list of what I wore :

  •  Midi Dress from Asos
  • Creepers from Ebay
  • Jean Jacket from Zara
  • Sunnies from ebay
  • Conditioning lip balm from E.l.f in Blissful Berry
I hope that you like the pattern of the dress and the whole outfit! Tomorrow I am thinking of uploading something like a make up or hair "how to"... Please let me know if you liked my outfit...See you tomorrow!!
Maria xox

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Beauty Haul!

Hello my lovely readers!!
Today I will show you some stuff that I bought recently and I really like!! So let's begin!

Firstly, I will show you an eyeliner from e.l.f.! It's the Precision Liquid Eyeliner from the studio range! The normal price is £3.95.

 I really like this eyeliner because you can achieve a really thin and fine line and I generally believe it's really easy to use! The pigmentation is amazing! Such a bargain and such an amazing result! I definitely recommend it!

Now let's go to another eyeliner from e.l.f. This one is the cream eyeliner from the studio range as well and it costs £3.95. 

This one is reviewed and considered by many customers as the best eyeliner from e.l.f and some even state that it's the best eyeliner ever! It really is great for me too! It's my favourite as well! It is smaller than you expect from the photos from the website but the quality for me is great! Nice pigmentation,stays on all day and the brush makes it easy to put it on! Definitely a must have!

Here you can the swatches from the two eyeliners listed before.

On the left it's the cream eyeliner and on the right the precision liquid one!

Now let's move on to the lips! I got another product from e.l.f, the conditioning Lip Balm which has spf 15. It's from the studio range and it normally costs £3.95.

It's a really moisturising product! The colour is not that pigmented or intense and this the main reason that I like it! It gives a nice light colour to my lips, which is perfect for me when I go to Uni or generally for a casual look in which I want to keep my lips smooth and casual! I love this one too and I highly recommend it!

Next I got a lipstick from a local store! It's from Erre Due and this must be my favourite lipstick ever! It costs about 9-10€.

 This is an ultimate favourite lipstick! I love it to death!! I can't be objective with this product I adore it and that's all I can say!

I also got a matching lip liner for this lipstick from Erre Due and it costs 4-5€.

 Here is a picture of me wearing that lipstick and of course the previous lip liner.

I am so exciteeeeed :D :P
 Then I also got two cleansing lotions. One is for your lips and eyes and the other one is for your face. They cost 5-7€ each.
On the left is the cleansing lotion for your eyes and lips
On the right is the purifying cleansing gel for your face
They are really great! The feeling after you use them to take your make-up off is amazing! You feel your skin so smooth and gentle! They also contain pro vitamin B5 which is really cool for your skin!

Now I will show you a shower gel and a shampoo that I bought! They are from Le petit Marseillais and they cost 3-4€ each!
I really like them both but I cannot keep my self from saying that the shower gel is from another world! The vanilla scent that leaves to your skin is so majestic. I adore the scent, I adore the product! Check it out!

 I also bought a perfume from Burberry. It's the Burberry London fragrance and it cost me about 50€ (50 ml)!

It is my favourite perfume for the last 3 years!I love it and If you don't know how it smells like you should seriously find it and smell that scent! You will fall in love.

Lastly, I will show you 4 nail polishes! They are all from Tommy G cosmetics and they cost 4-5€.

Their colours are superb and they actually last for a good amount of time! I love the greys the most to be honest but overall they are all lovely!

That's it! These are all my recent purchases beauty purchases..I hope you enjoyed my post..
Mary xox

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Spring Update!

Hello my lovely readers!

 Just thought I would share a photo that I captured with my cell phone today and I uploaded it on Instagram!
I am really excited because Spring is my favourite season and everything is so beautiful!
It's the season of a new life, a new start..
I have a lot of staff to do for Uni so sorry if I don't upload something special! I will do something better like a make-up thingy or fashion tomorrow or the day after tomorrow though and it's a promise! ...
Have a nice day everyone and enjoy spring!

Mary xox