Sunday, 13 April 2014

Mini haul!!

Hello my lovely readers!!
I am terribly sorry that I haven't posted for so long but these past two weeks my life was only about tests and assignments so there was nothing cool with my life that I could share!!
Yesterday I got home and I am happy since I will not have to do anything about my Uni for two weeks!! :D Since you may not know I study in a city which is really far away from my hometown so coming home is a really big deal!!
Today I will share three stuff that I received yesterday and I am really excited about!!

So the first thing that I got is this polka dot dress.. I really like polka dot at this period of time plus since this post that I uploaded earlier this year I wanted one desperately!! So I found this on Ebay for 3.60€ I ordered it asap..! There were other dress at the same price with little flowers printed but I thought it would be better if I waited until I receive this one first in order to see how it looks like on me o how the material is.. It is perfect really gentle I definitely recommend this!!

From ebay I also got this cute vintage bag for 6€. It is amazing the quality is great! I seriously didn't expect this from ebay! Nice job sellers! The bag is awesome and it is not small at all ( You can check this out in the picture above in which I wear this with the polka dot dress)

Then I got this pair of jeans from Asos and it was about £ 10.50. I really like this boyfriend fit jeans! I am aware that this may add some weight on my hips but I like the fit so who cares? :P

Lastly, I would like to share my new manicure that I got yesterday I went to a saloon with my mother and it costed 8€ which is a great price since it's a gell manicure. I really like the colour too because it's so "springy"!

That's all for today!! Stay tuned because I will not stop uploading from now on :)

If you'd like to buy any of the products above feel free to ask the links!!

See you soon,
Maria xox