Monday, 15 December 2014

Pumps I am going to wear during the holidays! - Blogmas

Hello my lovely readers!
Sorry for being away for almost a week but I had so much to do past week.. Today I am back with a post about my favourite pair of pumps! I bought them 4 years ago from New Look for about 25£ and it was the first time ever I bought something online!

So are they lovely? The price was really good and OMG I love them! I am going to wear them during Christmas time too...You can also see that I received a bag from the blogger program which says Approved blogger.. WOOHOO! :) 

So that was all for today!

Do you guys have a favourite pair of pumps? 

See you soon,

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Christmas Outfit Idea! - Blogmas Day 4!!

Hello my lovely readers!!
Today it's Blogmas Day 4 and I would like to share a look that I created on polyvore! This look is my proposal to what you should wear during the day or if you gather with your family for lunch! It's really simple but yet fashionable, at least for me..

Christmas jumper

I am really happy to tell you that I actually own the pair of disco pants pictured above! They are really comfortable and nice! They were also 10£ which is a bargain!

So that was all for today! I hope that you had/will have a nice day!
What will you be wearing during Christmas?

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Festive - Tumblr Bedroom decor! Blogmas Day 3!!

Hello my lovely readers!!
I hope you all had a great day!

So my Blogmas Day 3 post had to be a little bit more festive, so I decided to share with you my bed, which I decorated recently!! The decoration part is really simple yet so beautiful and cute!

Fairy lights are everywhere these days and I have seen on Tumblr a lot of beds decorated with fairy lights but you can't find them so easily during the rest of the year! So now that's Christmas is just around the corner you can find them everywhere and their price can be really good!
I bought my fairy lights from a store and I got 100 leds for 5€ which is a really good price for such a nice result!!

So here you can see how beautiful my bed looks now :) (Excuse messy sheets please...)

Isn't it lovely? I mean how cute is that? I love my bedroom at the moment and I really like how cosy and beautiful it is now...
The last photo looks edited because I uploaded it on instagram and I am not a #nofilter girl ;)
If you would like to check my instagram click Here!

So have you guys decorated you room or house yet? Do you like fairy lights? Leave your instagram accounts on the comments below if you want!
See you tomorrow!

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

New Asos Boots - Blogmas Day 2!!

Hello my lovely readers!!

Today is blogmas day 2 and I would like to share a pair of boots that I got from Asos.. I received today and I am so excited :D

So these are Timberland - like black boots which in reality are from a brand called Truffle! I got them from Asos, they normaly cost 30£ but I got them for 22£ which is a really nice prize! As you can understand I haven't worn them yet but I will definitely upload a OOTD featuring these during blogmas! You can also get them for 22£ if you click Here!

So that was it!! 
Let me know in the comments if you liked them!
See you tomorrow!

Monday, 1 December 2014

Accessories Haul! - Blogmas Day 1

Hello my lovely readers!!
Today I would like to share a few staff that I received last Friday! I have bought some cute little products from eBay and I got really excited when I received them! All four of them are less than 10€.

So let's start!

So firstly, I got this bag for about 2.5€! The bag is really nice! I didn't really like the smell because at first when I opened the package it was a little bit unpleasant but now, that I left it out of its box for 3 days the smell has left! Overall I generally believe that for 2.5€ you can't go wrong plus it's problem was minor since after two days the problem was solved so I am pleased with this purchase!

Then I got these two scarves which are polka dot and I love this pattern! I chose these two colours because I thought that I can wear them during winter time around my neck and during summer time as a headband! Do you guys think it would cool? Oh they were 1.05€, total steal!

Last but not least, I got this pair of military boots and you won't even believe how much they were! They cost  5.3€!! Can you even believe it? I haven't worn them outside yet but when I tried them on they were really comfortable and really light on your feet? I don't know if that makes sense but I really like them and they were a total bargain!!

So that was all for today! 
I am really sorry that I didn't post anything since last Tuesday! I had an exam on Saturday and after that I got really sad because I didn't do so well! I feel better now.. 
So did you like this haul??

See you soon,

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

FOTD - Total mess!

Hello my lovely readers!!

It's a stay home and study day so I decided to steal some time and do a "Face of the day" post. As the title states, I am a total mess, but first let me explain...

During my teenage years I had no problem with acne.. I know I was really lucky and I am sure that if I had, my face would be crap because I always forget things and I would surely forget to do what I would have to do to make it better. Here are some photos of me when I was 16 in order for you to see how my skin was...

As you can see the photos were all taken at the same day during my summer vacation in 2010.
My skin is clearly acne-free and a little bit sun kissed!

So let's talk about my skin today!

Lately I have some acne on my face.. The problem is not major or anything I have around 10 spots? But again they are all together on both sides of my face and I don't really like it..

I have observed that every time I eat chocolate daily I end up having spots all over my face.. So I have 3 days without eating chocolate  and I think that the spots are slowly leaving slightly. 
I wash my face daily with special soap and also use purifying cleansing gel which is enriched with bamboo extract and pro vitamin B5.

So the face of the day is..

Do you guys have the same problem with chocolate too? How do you deal with that?

Have a nice day!

Monday, 24 November 2014

Beauty Haul - MUA, Elf!!

Hello my lovely readers!!
I have been away for so long and I missed blogging a lot so,guess what! I AM BACK :)

Today, I am going to show you some beauty products that I bought recently!!
Let's get started!

  • MUA
I am more of a pinky- red person when it comes to lipsticks but since I am following MUA on instagram, I kept seeing photos with orangy lipsticks and I decided to give them a go! 

Firstly I got the quite new MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer in Halcyon and it cost 3£.

MUA Lip Lacquer - Halcyon

 I really like the colour and the haul packaging is amazing! It definitely doesn't look like it costs only 3£! It definitely worthes the hype and I will seriously need more of these! ;) If you want to check it out on the site click Here!

Then I got another orangy lipstick. It's called Fawn Fancy, it's from the Matte lipstick collection and it costs only 1£.

MUA Matte lipstick - Fawn Fancy

This lipstick is orange but also has a brownish colour effect! I really really like it. It feels quite dry/heavy on the lips but in a good way! It doesn't moisturise your lips but it feels like it's attached to them and won't leave them like ever.:P If you want to buy it too click Here!!

After that I ordered Intense Glosses lip gloss in Sealed with a Kiss and it was 2£.

MUA Intense Glosses - Sealed with a kiss

As you can see, the gloss is not too pigmented, but it's more of a glossy, nice, lightly nude colour. I actually bought it because it reminded me one of Tanya Burr's lip glosses and I thought why not? Over all I like the product because I knew from the beginning that I was ordering a lip gloss plus the lightness of the colour makes it totally wearable for school, uni or just if you want to wear a smokey eye and you want to keep your lips fresh but simple! I surely recommend the product! You can find it on the website Here!!

I also got a blush in Cupcake and was also 1£.

MUA blusher - Cupcake

I bought this blusher because I haven't had a similar before. I like the effect that has on my face because it gives it some colour and life and also since it has a little bit of brown (or at least I think so) it also looks like I added a tiny amount of bronzer in which I really suck at so, thus I feel it's really cool! Click Here!!! to find it on the website..

Other than that I also bought a pair of lashes. It's normal price is 2£ but I got it for 1£.

MUA Lashes - Flair

Now these I haven't really tried them on yet but judging by the comments that I have read they must be really good! You can find them on the website Here!

Last but not least, I got a Power Pout in Broken Hearted and it only cost 3£.

MUA Power Pout - Broken Hearted

The product is superb! It smells and tastes like mint! I totally love it! Certainly a must! You can find it Here!!! .

  • Elf
My mother mostly bought staff from there and I just ordered 3 lip glosses from them and I got a big gift! :) I really love lip-products but since I already got a lot of lipsticks so I thought that I should differ and but lip glosses :P

So the three essential super glossy lip glosses I bought were in Strawberry, Mauve Luxe and Pink Pop as pictured above from the top to the bottom. Each of them cost 1.95£. Here is how they look on the lips!

Elf Essentials Super Glossy Lip Shine - Strawberry

Elf Essentials Super Glossy Lip Shine - Mauve Luxe

Elf Essentials Super Glossy Lip Shine - Pink Pop

The lip glosses over all for the price are good. I really liked the pigmentation of Mauve Luxe, but I believe that all of them are beautiful! If you want to check them out click Here!

The final product that I got was an amazing eyeshadow palette which I got for FREE :) I was really excited because normally it costs around 15£ and there are 150 different colours in it!

As you can see the palette is super amazing! I was really excited when I got it!The colours are various, so you can use it both during winter and summer! I like elf because from times to times they give amazing gifts, like the other time that I got a mega palette which normally costs 35£.!! I have also reviewed the previous palette that I mentioned Here in my blog!!. I haven't really used it yet so that's all I can say!

I hope that you liked my beauty haul! There is a clothing haul coming soon so stay tuned! 

Leave a comment below, if you wish, and express your opinions or leave your links..

See you soon,
Maria xox

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Forever 21 Haul!! :) (plus OTTD)

Hello my lovely readers!!
I am really sorry for not posting for more than a week but I am on my exam period so I don't really have a lot of free time.. :/
So today I will share some stuff that I bought from Forever 21 and I received last week!! So let's start :)

Retro Sandals

Omg those shoes!! I love them so much!! Best shoes ever!! They cost 21.90 and they are the best!! I have worn them twice and they are the best thing ever!! Totally awesome, definitely a must have!! I don't really have something more to say about these :p


Kimonos are huge this summer and I wanted to buy one for quite a while! When I saw this one, I added it to my shopping bag because it was the first product I was surely going to buy! It's not your typical long kimono but the pattern is amazing and it's price was 11.75 so why not? Great purchase I can't wait to wear it!!

Dress No1

I really like this dress!! It's so cool and bright coloured!! The back part is so cool definitely awesome!! I could wear this day and night!! I hope that you guys like it too :) It costed 13.75 and it's such a bargain for a nice chiffon dress!! The Y-shaped back is definitely a plus!! That's all I can say!! I love it :) Oh and I tried to show you the exact bright pink colour of the dress on the right-bottom part of the picture !!

Dress No2

I currently am in love with floral at the moment so everything else that you will see in this post is going to be floral only!! So the second dress I got is really simple yet so nice, cute and girly!! It's mostly casual but man how I love this!! It's amazing I have tried it on once and and it looks fantastic!! I definitely recommend this!! It costed 12.75€ which is a steal!! Daisies for ever!!

Dress No3

Keeping it up floral I also got the next dress which I was not really sure when I bought it since my mother and my best-friend didn't like that much but I thought that I shall give it a try no matter what!! Thank god I did that!! I absoltely love it!! It has an open back as you can see and it's really nice!! The pattern is amazing, the cut is perfect and relaxed!! It costed 13.45€ and it's amazing!! Amazing purchase I am really pleased ;)

Dress No4

My last purchase is this lovely dress!! It was also available in blue but I love black at the moment so I bought it in black!! It's really simple but the V-neck cut on both the front and back part of the dress plus the cut out straps are two simple details that add a littler something to it! Once again great floral pattern at an amazing price,14.95

Oh and here is an OTTD selfie in which I am wearing the dress pictured above with the sandals that I also showed you in this post!! :)

So that was all I bought from Forever 21!! Feel free to tell me what you thought of my haul and ask any question that you may have! :) 
See you soon,
Maria xox

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Mini Accessories Haul!!

Hello my lovely readers!!
Today I would like to share my small Born Pretty Store Haul!! I ordered 3 products about 3-4 weeks ago and they arrived to me this week!!
So let's see what I got!!

The first thing that I got is this really awesome necklace!! Statement necklaces are so in this year but since I am not really used to wearing so fancy necklaces I decided to take one step at a time and try to wear something simple so that I can actually feel more comfortable with necklaces!! I love the colour, teal is one of my besties right now, and I seriously love the product!! It's really girly and it costs 4.80$ !! Such a bargain!! I would totally recommend that and if you want to buy or just check it out click Here!! :)

Then I got these 5 rings which I find really cool and awesome!! You can wear them all together like I did or you can choose with which one of them you wanna rock the day... They are super amazing I seriously love them!! They fitted perfectly to my fingers I am really excited with this purchase!! I actually will wear them with the product that I will show you bellow!! The look is going to be so nice and grungy I love it!! It costs 1.98$ , I mean that's a steal people!!! You can buy it too by clicking Here!!!

Last but not least I got this body chain!! I always wanted to check how I would look with a body chain but I never found a not so expensive on to give it a go.. But I finally found this for 4.32$ which is a great bargain and I thought why not?  I really like it, the gems are amazing and I love their colour!! I would recommend it too and I am so going to wear it this summer!! :D You can find the body chain by clicking Here!!!

So that was my haul!! As you have understood I was really pleased with my purchase!! The quality of products was great, the prices were amazing and the customer service was excellent!! What else do you ask for?? 
If you liked my haul please let me know!! If you buy anything from the Born Pretty Store don't forget to save money by using my 10% discount code: 

I am seriously in love with the accessories department!! You can find everything there but I 100% recommend that you try their jewelries!! You will be amazed with the service and the products!!

See you soon,
Maria xox

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

30€ Outfit Challenge

Hello my lovely readers!!
Today I would like to do the 30 outfit challenge!! I am going to work on an outfit for a summer party look!! Let's see if I can make it..

Firstly, I decided that I would like a dress... Let's see my pick!!

Isn't this dress amazing?? I seriously love it and I am so going to buy this..This was only 5.10... Cool right? 
If you are interested in the dress you can check it out HERE!
So 24.90 to go...

Next I picked the shoes.. Shoes are usually the most expensive part of an outfit, at least in my case... But not any more..!! Check out the babies that I found!! 

I love this Peep Toe suede shoes..They are so feminine and awesome.. They cost 11.76€ .. Such a bargain..
If you like the shoes click HERE!! to find out more :)

Next I picked a fancy bag for our outfit...

I am not a glitter-glimmer person but I like this bag..It is really cute and I would love to have this :) I think it would look amazing with the whole outfit..Oh and it costs 7.04
If you liked this bag click HERE!!!

Now let's move on to accessories... Firstly, I would wear these earrings..

They are super cute little bows..Really awesome and girly..Love these!!! They cost 1.64..
If you want them as badly as I do click HERE :)!

Other than that I would wear this cute ring over here ...

Super cute, super simple and this only costs 1.39... Such a steal!!!
If you like it click HERE! :)

Last but not least, I would wear this super amazing bracelet..

I am really happy to inform you that I have actually bought this bracelet and I received it just today!! I love it!! It's really nice and so retro.. This actually inspired me to style the whole outfit since I was wondering how I would wear it.. This one costs 1.64..
If you want to buy it too click Heree !!

So this was my whole outfit... This whole outfit costs 28.57... Yeah we won this challenge!! woohooo!!!
If you want to find more products and make your own cool outfits for less visit this lovely shop called Mart Of China.. 
So that was all for today..
I have some hauls coming up so stay tuned ;)
Thanks for reading my post!!
Maria xox